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am an Abstract Artist and a Graphic Designer living in South Florida. I am originally from Bulgaria and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Spatial Design from The National Academy of Fine Arts in Bulgaria. I  paint to express emotions through form and color upon anything I can call a canvas.
Painting intensifies my inner peace and happiness. Finding the greater meanings in seemingly simple designs drives my passion, as I feel that in order to be happy you do not have to do anything, because happiness just exists. However, in order to see happiness one must overcome their own darkness first. I sometimes paint over old canvases as my personal take on reincarnation; I enjoy giving new life with forms, colors and textures to something once perceived irrevocable.





2014 – “Let It Go” art installation – Temple at “Preheat” – Burning man event, Lakeland, FL

2014 – “Trapped Emotions” art installation – Honorary artist at Burning Man, Moscow, Russia

2013 – “YOU” – art installation – Honorary artist at “Decompression” – Burning man event, Moscow, Russia

2013 – “YOU ARE THE KEY” art installation – Honorary Grant recipient, Burning Man Festival, Black Rock City, NV

2009 – “Angel with a blue bird” oil paining – Exhibit with Bulgarian Artists Abroad in UNM, Chicago, IL

2007 – Solo exhibit – oil paintings – Sofia, Bulgaria