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The Consumer

28 Nov 2017, Posted by Ralitsa Ivanova in Uncategorized

“The Consumer” is an art installation in a form of a humanoid with five legs. The eyes, hands and feet of the “human” are in a form of electrical plugs. The art installation is made out of metal frame, cables, cable tubes, fiberglass and rope lights, and it’s 15 ft tall.

In today’s day and age we are more than consumed by our devises. We continuously look at our phones, computers, tablets, tv, games.. If we stop looking at one technical device we start playing with another. We are constantly “plugged in”, and by doing so we are not just plugged in in the “system” anymore… we are the “system” itself.

“The Consumer” illustrates just that. A humanoid system ready to be plugged in into any device. His entire being is dedicated to feed on any technology.

It’s ready to be “plugged in” into any device, new technology platform and streaming information. This “human” has multiple legs, so it can move faster than anyone else. Its hands and eyes are in a shape of electric plugs. It is ready to be “plugged in”, it wants to be “plugged in”. Its entire identity is shaped by the information it consumes. This art pice will inspire and provoke thoughts and conversations about how addicted we are to our electric devices today.

A touch sensor will be installed on each of the “legs” and “hands” of the peace, 4 feet above the ground, and when a participant touches it, the sensor will activate a light motion with randomly “dancing” lights. When lit with the “dancing” lights the humanoid will look as if it’s receiving a new information at that moment.










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